by Garden Blastt

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Our very first Ep called "1/2"
Produced and edited by Leandro (Chris) Medina
Artwork by Laura Rain Tangerina
The Odd Dude Records


released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Garden Blastt Bogotá, Colombia

Where should we start? fuck EPKs "it's all in the music, it's all in the music man" We are a rock duo from Colombia, we live in a little town called La calera very near to Bogota. If you want to know Garden Blastt well just listen to our music.

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Track Name: Just Yet
Just yet

I wanna be on a plane but there’s a lot of debts…
I’ve smoked my brain anyway
Ive got nothing else to say
it was a sunny day…

I’m still waiting for the accident
I’m not dead not just yet

I’m hearing some street dogs barking
there’s nothing I can do about it
it’s the same thing with myself
trying to still alive within my head
Track Name: Deadline

Find yourself and sell your fate
crazy things come with little pills
it’s just logical to swallow things you don’t need

be still won’t save you
you’d better run fasta as hell
or I’ll throw you into the wishing well

I’m losing my fingers
my eyes are on the floor
oh no I’ve closed that door

the rules have changed again
it’s my time to be a ghost with great look (yeah)
with a great look!

Here we go heading to the deadline cause there’s nothing here for me only cheap and nasty shit
Track Name: Take me away
Take me away

Touch me again
I want to disappear
For now I need to get some coffee
It’s time for me to leave this boring and mad place where I should be
I want to be out

oh oh oh
take me away
oh oh oh
from this dying place
oh oh oh
take you away
oh oh oh
from these dying days

I’m having a conversation about a dumb nation
gotta be out of your narrowed vision
lack of brain, lack of faith
you’re stupid just like miss universe
Track Name: Jump alone
Jump alone

dead leaves and lights out
I’m a dude you've never seen before
and I’m screaming like an owl
heading to no one else can go
come on, come on, come on

hit hard with your hands
now please sit down
I’ll stick around
please two cups of coffee
there’s nothing better
now go and jump alone
I wanna jump alone
I wanna jump alone

Be noiseless, be still, be more than you ever imagine
You’ve got me shaking (oh) you’ve caught me last night

it’s time to get my best cards to win ( yes I gotta win)
the wave could destroy every little living thing (every little thing)
helping me it’s worthless keep going little friend
I’m screaming like an owl
heading to no one else can go